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Tobias Maasland ist cast member of two Hamburg-based improv groups:

He also does improvised Beatbox for those mentioned and other groups. If you are interested in doing a workshop on this with Tobias – mail me (see address here).

When not on stage for music, voice acting and improv, he is a public speaker on communication, crisis management and out-of-the-box-thinking.


For all german-speaking visitors you should also check out the brand-new monthly (german) podcast Achim und Tobi mit ohne Ahnung. Also available on Spotify and iTunes.

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Upcoming apperances

  • Anfang 07/2019, Hamburg: Podcast Episode
  • Anfang 08/2019, Hamburg: Podcast Episode
  • Anfang 09/2019, Hamburg: Podcast Episode
  • 18.10.2019, Hamburg: Podcast Live Performance

In the past

  • Anfang 06/2019, Hamburg: Podcast Episode
  • Anfang 05/2019, Hamburg: Podcast Episode
  • Anfang 04/2019, Hamburg: Podcast Episode
  • Anfang 03/2019, Hamburg: Podcast Episode
  • Anfang 01/2019, Hamburg: Podcast Episode mit Gast
  • 06.12.2018, Hamburg: Benefitz-Impro-Gala (Ilse, Dracula & Co) – Actor, Beatbox
  • Anfang 12/2019, Hamburg: Podcast Episode
  • 06.11.2018, Hamburg: Mashup „Halloween“ mit Meet the Monsters (Ilse, Dracula & Co) – Voice Actor
  • Anfang 11/2019, Hamburg: Podcast Episode
  • 20.10.2018, Hamburg: Impro Doppelpack (Impromptü) – Actor, Voice actor, Beatbox
  • 18.10.2018, Hamburg: Improshow (Impromptü) – Actor, Beatbox
  • 13.10.2018, Köln: Improabend mit den Taubenhauchern (Impromptü) – Actor, Beatbox
  • Anfang 10/2019, Hamburg: Podcast Episode
  • 21.09.2018, Karlsruhe: Präsentationstechniken (inovex) – Speaker „Wie man (nicht) präsentieren sollte – Eine Erfahrungssamlung + Diskussion + ein bisschen üben“
  • 15.09.2018, Hamburg: Fernsehabend (Impromptü) – Beatbox, Lights
  • 07.09.2018, Hamburg: Die neue, neue Improshow (Ilse, Dracula & Co) – Actor, Host
  • 02.09.2018, Hamburg: Gartenmärchen / Detektivstory (Ilse, Dracula & Co) – Actor
  • 25.08.2018, Hamburg: Lange Impronacht (Impromptü) – Beatbox
  • 06.07.2018, Rödelheim: Sommerplenum (inovex) – Speaker „Unter Druck – Effektive Kommunikation in Krisensituationen“
  • 06.07.2018, Rödelheim: Sommerplenum (inovex) – Improv Coach „Improvisation im Beruf – Kurzeinführung aus Sicht eines Improvisationstheater-Spielers + Workshop“
  • 09.06.2018, Hamburg: Improbingo (Impromptü) – Actor
  • 10.04.2018, Hamburg: Die neue neue Improshow (Ilse, Dracula & Co) – Actor
  • 10.08.2017, Hamburg: Die neue Improshow (Ilse, Dracula & Co) – Actor
  • 24.11.2016, Hamburg: 6. BI Stammtisch in Hamburg – „Wie sabotiert man sein Business Intelligence garantiert? Ein Vortrag und Diskussion Anregung von Tobias Maasland.“
  • 07.07.2016, Hamburg: Workshop-Werkshow – Actor

Accessing the Open Data Portal Hamburg with Python

In a few tutorials which I tried was a very specific dataset being used – the NYC 311 calls dataset. 311 calls in NYC are some sort of support calls to easen the caller rate on the emergency number 911.

There are a lot of people calling this number over the time. The city of New York provides this anonymized caller data via its web page. I tried some stuff with it and liked the idea to work with „real“ data. Also, this dataset from 2010 to 2017 is about 9.5 GB in size – enough to play around with. In fact, I had to take a smaller one, representing only the year 2015 – still about 1.5 GB in size. This all is being provided in csv files.

So I wanted to find out if the city I currently live in, Hamburg, has some kind of data to play around with as well.
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