My route in english

Hey english-speaking dudes,

for all of you I’ll write from now on from time to time some entries in english. Yeah, describing my route and some special things.

First of all, my trip began in Toronto. I stayed there a few days and got used to the way of backpacker’s travelling. I was on the very high CN Tower on a sunny day, check my pictures for that and other nice pics. My pictures hide behind the link Meine Bilder on the right side.

After Toronto I went to Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec. I’ve to admit that Montreal is now the #1 city on my fictuous internal famous city list. All of those cities were really European. And really french. They even have some kind of language police over there which controlles if the sings in the streets are really french. Boh.

Got back to Toronto and drove over to New York for a few days. Which is now on place 2 on my cities list. After that, which was a lot of travelling, I went again back to Toronto. I chilled a little and made my way to Winnipeg. After a 31-hour drive I arrived over there. Yep, and at the moment I’m here. I’ll make my way further to the west and will eventually end up in Vancouver.

But more to come then!

4 Comments My route in english

  1. Oliver

    ieeeeeeeeeeeh englisch, da versteh ich doch nix von 😛

    wenn ich nur mal so schön in englisch schreiben könnte *träum*

  2. nat

    he´s still not perfect though. Keep working on it, better than you were anyway!! Winnipeg must be boring if you´re practising your english.


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