Today I am going to present you the french media environment with the help of my chap‘ Olivier! In this blog entry which I try to serve every two weeks on Monday, I allow a sneak peak into the media environment of different countries. Want to see more entries of this weekly series? Take a look here.


  • Original title: Le Club Dorothée
  • Translated: The Club Dorothée
  • Host: Well… Dorothée
  • Description: Music was obviously the main part of the show. Featured here is the first Episode ever, broadcasted in 1987.



  • Original title: Les Guignols de l’info
  • Translated: The Guignols of the news
  • Host: Handpuppets
  • Description: This show became really popular over the Gulf War in 1990. Nowadays it features sarcastic and funny parodic daily news. The video features a parody on the Tour de France, played really great with puppets. Guignol is an invention of a puppet player in France. Wikipedia knows more.




  • Singer: Serge Gainsbourg
  • Description: Olivier gave me also the names of a few old singers in France: Edith Piaf (Out of the movie La Mome ), Jaque Brel, George Brassens, Leo Ferre. More modern ones are: MC solaar, Serge Gainsbourg. I decided to take a Song from Serge Gainsbourg, but feel free to check the other ones on Youtube. Serge Gainsbourg was also the male part in Je t’aime!



  • Original title: Le Point
  • Translated: The point
  • Description: A popular magazine in France. Seems to be like the US-american Time or the German SPIEGEL. Link:

Thank you for attention!

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