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Curriculum Vitae


Jan 2018 – Current

Scrum Master, Big Data Engineer

inovex GmbH

With inovex I support agile projects with being a Scrum Master, leading teams through agile change processes, coaching organizations and participants in Scrum. Aside from this for specific topics I also train.

Beforehand I supported other companies as an engineer when building Big Data and Data Loading infrastructures. This also included project management and product ownership as well as integrating solutions within the customers infrastructure. In my projects I have been working with Python, Java, Apache Airflow, Google Big Query and Hadoop.

Mar 2016 – Dec 2017

Big Data Architect / Agile Coach

Nexinto GmbH

My team and I built a Big Data environment with Apache Drill, Hadoop, Elastic and Kafka as well as provided insights into existing Business Data structures. Communication with stakeholders was done with Kanban and coachings.

Jul 2014 – Mar 2016

Business Intelligence Specialist / Agile Coach

G.A.R.D. mbH

I worked as a BI expert for Germanys biggest private patient transport ambulance company. I created the BI architecture and developed KPIs and measures within the company and the departments. This project worked iteratively and I also supported stakeholders with this approach.

Jan 2014 – Jun 2014

Rescue/IT Engineer

Ambulanz Schrörs e.K.

I have been with Ambulanz Schrörs to work as a Rescue & IT engineer. I was responsible for the quality management and service escalations. Also I participated as a Emergency Medical Technican on patient transports.

Sep 2012 – Feb 2013

Sales/IT intern

Intergraph SG&I GmbH

In my internship I worked together with the sales crew, also providing images and scenario data for the main emergency handling tool.

Jun 2001 – Sep 2006

Software Engineer

T-Systems GmbH

I created software with Java. This involved the architecture, testing, programming and requirement analysis with the customer. I used JasperReports for Business Intelligence-based reports.




I helped in the creation of two articles which were published in Germanys widely known magazine for paramedics.


2010 – 2013

Rescue Engineer, B. Eng.

HAW Hamburg

I studied Rescue Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences Hamburg. I loved the mix out of engineering, management and safety contents. Also, I won an award for my thesis.

2008 – 2009

World traveller

North & middle America, Australia, Eastern Europe

Starting at 08.08.2008, I travelled the world for 16 months. I blogged a lot about it on this page. It was a very rewarding and massive experience. Also, I experimented a lot with my stuff (eee pc, homepage, programming) back then.


Emergency Medical Technician

Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund Bremen

I became an EMT in Bremen and helped voluntarily on some big events and on the ambulance.

1998 – 2001

Software Engineer

Deutsche Telekom AG

I was with the Deutsche Telekom AG, the biggest german phone carrier, for my apprenticeship.

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Scrum Master



Agile Coaching


Business Intelligence

Big Data

Documentation and presentation


PSM I – Professional Scrum Master 1

PSPO I – Professional Scrum Product Owner 1

Train the Trainer Pro – Udemy

PRINCE2 Foundation


Hello. I am an Agile Consultant.a Scrum Master.a Creator.

My name ist Tobias Maasland. I live and work in the beautiful city Hamburg. My passions lie in supporting organizations in their agile transformation and working in this field – with a focus on Data. I like to learn and create. See more details in my Curriculum Vitae.


Agile Master

As a certified Scrum Master and certified BACK of the Room Practicioner Trainer, I support teams, management levels and organizations in their agile transformation. My main topic is resolving conflicts and providing communication strategies especially for fast-paced, short-term projects – but also for big size projects.

Big Data

I have strong experience in creating Big Data and Business Intelligence environments. This includes architecture, data extraction, data modelling and data presentation but also the integration of the environment into the business itself.


I play improv in Hamburg. Although this seems very far away from the other points in here, it still serves a purpose (besides in being fun): it enhances creativity and problem-solving skills.

Personal development

I love getting always a step further with knowledge and experience about myself in my life. I also like to give advice in what worked for me and what didn’t. This is also why I like to travel and did my world trip. I blogged a lot about this (in german).